Santa Rosa residents know all too well the dangers unkempt trees pose during wildfire season. The establishment and maintenance of defensible space around Sonoma County homes and businesses plays a critical role in minimizing the spread and damage caused by fire. If you’re concerned about fire risk, our arborists can provide a detailed fire risk assessment of your property.  

What is defensible space? 

Defensible space is a buffer zone created between a building or structure and the landscape around it. This includes trees, bushes, tall grasses, and any other wildland area on the property. The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (Cal Fire) has recommended guidelines in place for safeguarding property against wildfire. Currently, California law requires that homeowners in State Responsibility Area (SRA) ensure their properties follow the Board of Forestry and Fire Protection 2 defensible space zones. 

To learn more, read 3 ways to create a wildfire defensible space around your home.

How does defensible space factor into wildfire prevention? 

Creating and maintaining this space helps slow and obstruct the spread of wildfire by reducing the chance of spreading. After all, the farther things are from one another, the less likely fire can spread from one thing to the next. The implementation of defensible space is calculated and purposeful to protect your home and property from irreparable damage. Not only does it create a safety perimeter around your property, but it also provides a safe zone from which firefighters can suppress the fire.  

Managing defensible space and fire fuel reduction 

Fire needs fuel to continue burning. Dead and dry vegetation allows fire to sustain itself and travel easily from one location to the next. While you can certainly take steps on your own to create and maintain your 2 defensible space zones, it’s smarter to depend on certified arborists like those at Vintage Tree Care. Not only are we experts in our field and know exactly what to do, we can also provide best practices to help you be ready for wildfire season.   

Identify fire risk 

  • Point out defensible space zone violations 
  • Identify distressed or “risky” trees 
  • Distinguish problematic areas like roof and gutter vulnerabilities 

Reduce fire fuel 

  • Prune low hanging branches 
  • Remove dead plant material 
  • Create wider separation between trees, shrubs and other flammable items 
  • Recommend replacements for combustible fencing, gates and arbors 

Proper tree spacing 

Minimize Your Fire Risk with Vintage Tree Care 

For over 16 years Vintage Tree Care has been providing Santa Rosa homeowners with expert tree care. As leaders in the Sonoma County tree care industry, we understand the importance of proper wildfire fuel management. We also know firsthand the damage fire can cause to our beloved community. Don’t open yourself up to fire risk. Contact the certified arborists at Vintage Tree Care for a defensible space inspection.  

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