Tree Removal for Homeowners and Business Owners 

Sometimes, despite a landowner’s best efforts, a tree cannot be saved. In those situations, trust the professionals at Vintage Tree Care to safely and effectively remove your tree before it becomes a liability. If a dead, dying or failing tree has become a problem, let our certified arborists handle the aspects of removal and replacement. 

How do I know if I need my tree removed? 

It’s understandable that most homeowners and caretakers resist haphazardly removing trees unless it’s absolutely necessary. After all, it’s a harrowing process that should not be undertaken lightly. But the question remains: “How do I know it’s time?” While we can illustrate some more obvious signs that it’s time to have a tree removed, it’s always a good idea to get a certified arborist’s opinion before making the call. 

Dead or dying tree 

If your tree has stopped growing or you’ve noticed its beauty has started to wane aggressively, it may be seriously damaged or dying. Obvious signs of an irreparably damaged or dying tree include a lack of new leaf growth, hollow trunk, and more and more dropped branches. Less obvious signs include root rot, pest infestation, and/or fungal infection. A dead or dying tree should be removed not only to maintain your landscape’s aesthetics, but also to protect you from liability or damage. 

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Risky tree 

Sometimes, despite your best wishes, a tree should not be kept. It could be the tree has sustained storm damage, or perhaps a recent insect infestation has left it vulnerable to additional injury. Sometimes, the location or direction of a tree’s growth makes it a threat to people or property. If you suspect your tree may pose a risk to yourself or the public, it’s best to contact a certified arborist for a tree risk assessment.

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Don’t go the DIY route when it comes to tree removal 

Tree removal is a very technical, delicate process. It’s definitely not a task you want to leave to an amateur. If you decide to hire an unlicensed contractor, you can be held legally liable if said contractor or anyone else is injured during the tree removal process. We’ve heard horror stories of tree removal resulting in damage to property and suddenly the “contractor” is nowhere to be found. Even transporting the removed tree can result in a liability if not handled by experienced and licensed tree care professionals. 

Trust Vintage Tree Care for Professional Tree Removal 

If dead or dying trees have become a problem for your Santa Rosa home or business, call our tree removal experts. Our employees are all experienced, certified arborists who are very familiar with all aspects of tree removal. 

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