Tree removal is sometimes necessary to keep a landscape looking beautiful. If you have a dead or dying tree on your property, its removal is critical. This will ensure your lawn, shrubs and even surrounding trees live longer, as well as protect your house, business or property should the tree fall. 

If dead or dying trees have become a problem at your home or business, call our tree removal experts. Our professionals are experienced arborists who are very familiar with all aspects of tree removal.

Tree removal is a very technical, delicate process. It’s definitely not a task you want to leave to an amateur. And as a home or business owner, you can be held legally liable the contractor you choose is unlicensed and is injured while removing a tree from your property. We’ve heard horror stories of tree removal resulting in damage to property, the “contractor” suddenly nowhere to be found. Even transporting the removed tree can result in a liability if not handled by experienced and licensed professionals like ours.

certified arborist removing dead tree from front yard of home

Sometimes, despite a landowner’s best efforts, a tree cannot be saved. In those situations, trust the professionals at Vintage Tree Care to safely and effectively remove your tree before it becomes a liability. If a dead, dying or failing tree has become a problem, let our certified arborists handle the aspects of removal and replacement.