Regular trimming and pruning are crucial to a tree’s overall health and wellbeing. Not only do they encourage and direct new growth, but these services also prevent tree failure. Let our tree care experts help you take the best possible care of your property’s trees so they can continue to thrive for years to come. 

Tree Trimming Services

Trees are commonly trimmed for one of three reasons: Tree Health, Safety, and Aesthetics

Safety: Protect People, Pets, and Property

  • Reduce risk of falling branches
  • Improve visibility
  • Create Clearance

Tree Pruning Services

Maintenance pruning/trimming is needed when trees are too close to houses, drooping over parking spaces, or have limbs too low to walk under. This type of pruning is done on a two to three-year cycle.

Health: Foster Strength, Longevity, and Expansion

  • Boost fruit and flower production
  • Prevent spread of arboreal disease
  • Promote new growth

Structural pruning/trimming, while a tree is young, is a good way to ensure a healthy, strong crown. Young tree pruning corrects co-dominant leaders, weak angles of branch attachment, and gives a tree a much better chance of surviving a storm event later on in its life.

Aesthetics: Preserve Scenery, Value, and Appeal

  • Improve curb appeal
  • Retain favorable shape
  • Allow more sunlight

Pruning/trimming trees for aesthetic reasons can drastically enhance the beauty and value of your landscape. Though it is important to remember that attempting to force unnatural growth may seriously damage the tree and reduce its lifespan if not done properly.

While it seems easy enough, tree trimming and pruning is truly a job for professionals. Trimming a tree can be dangerous to you and damage the tree long term if not done properly.  Our company is fully licensed and insured, and we’re happy to provide references from past jobs.  Our experienced arborists understand the importance of proper tree care and are familiar with any tree you will find.

santa rosa tree removal
Santa Rosa Tree Pruning

The Cost of Tree Care

The majority of homeowners hire professional arborists to handle their trimming or pruning needs as a result of the knowledge and expertise required.

Tree trimming and pruning costs are determined by multiple factors including:

  • Type of tree
  • Number of trees
  • Tree size and height
  • Location
  • Time required

Due to the individual nature of each and every tree, it can be difficult to determine cost without consultation.

If you are in need of a professional tree care service, please give us a call or contact us online to request an Estimate.