Tree Risk Assessment for the Prolonged Health and Longevity of Your Trees 

If you have trees that show signs of distress, it’s best to contact a certified arborist to have a look. In fact, periodic tree risk assessment is the duty of the property owners with trees that put structures, properties, neighbors, etc. at risk with their presence. To best assess risk of tree failure, we recommend that you have all trees inspected, at least on an annual basis, or after any major weather event for indicators of failure potential.  

Some of the signs that a tree is in trouble are not apparent to the uneducated eye. An International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) certified arborist can spot trouble that could lead to a fallen tree. For an even better assessment and more benefits, choose an arborist who also has the ISA’s Tree Risk Assessment Qualification (TRAQ).  

To learn more, read 5 advantages of hiring an arborist with a TRAQ certification.  

Tree Failures and Dangers 

There are a number of reasons that could warrant the removal of a tree as a hazard. Call an arborist if you observe, or are aware of, any of the following conditions.  

  • Fungus, holes, or insect damage 
  • Many leaning and twisting branches, especially in a tree on a slope  
  • Mottling or yellowing of the leaves on non-deciduous trees 
  • Major earth-moving activities that could impact the root system  
  • Swaying after a neighboring, windbreaking tree has been removed  
  • Damage from storm, fire, flood, earthquake, impact
    *In event of lightning strike, call 911 as trees can continue to smolder for days or weeks

Solutions for Dealing with Risky Trees 

If our arborists determine that the tree is at risk of falling, depending on the cause, they may recommend mitigating actions might include cabling, bracing, or pruning. Diseased or severely damaged trees generally need to be removed. Your arborist will advise if there are any steps that can be taken to save the tree.  

The Cost of Tree Risk Assessment Versus Letting a Tree Fail 

Hiring an arborist to do a Tree Risk Assessment will save you anguish and money in the long run, especially if the tree falls into a building, or lands on a vehicle, or, worst of all, lands on a house, injuring or killing a sleeper. Staying on top TRAs is crucial. Not to mention, it’s easier to remove a tree in a methodical, prescribed fashion than it is to deal with the mess of a downed tree. Plus, our services can be done during normal business hours without a rush charge. 

Trust Vintage Tree Care for dependable solutions to avert disaster. Get your property’s trees assessed today by a TRAQ certified arborist like Fred and Kamala from Vintage Tree Care. Call us today at 707-495-4686 or fill out our contact form to schedule a consultation, request an estimate or book our services today.