To plant a tree is a wonderful thing. Trees can conserve energy, clear the air, and protect property. Trees can provide food, preserve soil, and add value. There are a great many things trees can do, too many to list here.

But not all trees are equally suited for every planting location. When considering new tree planting around your residential or commercial property, tree selection and placement are among the most important factors when planning your landscaping effort. So important in fact, that the impacts may be lifelong as many trees (grown with care) will likely outlive those who planted them.

Planting in a location that favors the tree and the property owner is crucial.

Plant The Right Tree for the Job

What will be the function of the tree to be planted? A large leafy tree near a structure can provide cooling shade from the hot summer sun and, if deciduous, will lose its leaves in the fall allowing the winter sun to help warm a home, lowing energy consumption in the process.

An evergreen with its dense year-round foliage planted near the perimeter of a property can contribute to a home or business’s privacy as well as provide much-welcomed shelter during windy days. Street trees planted along roadways can reduce rain runoff, pavement glare, and improve the overall property value and appearance of a neighborhood.

The shape or form of a tree will complement the chosen function and even reduce maintenance costs. There are many form and size combinations to pick from. A row of column-like evergreens may provide an ideal privacy divider between properties or a large rounded canopy can shade your home or block unwanted illumination from passing cars or street lights.

Plant The Right Tree for the Space

Trees can only provide their desired function if planted in the right location, a spot where they will not interfere with or damage surrounding structures or infrastructure. Forward thinking will prevent long-term problems.

Think about tree size – When selecting the right location for a tree, consider the potential height and width of the tree at maturity. Will the total height obstruct views or risk contact with power lines running into a building? Will the spread of a tree’s canopy interfere with a home’s roof or could an expansive root system damage underground utility lines or other hardscape and infrastructure?

It is important to consider the total physical space a tree may grow into. You don’t want a tree planted today to damage underground plumbing or pose a fire hazard down the road.

Think about tree litter – If you are considering a deciduous and/or fruit-bearing tree, you must remember what the tree may leave behind season after season. Falling leaves and debris can clutter up swimming pools and ponds as minor inconveniences and can block rain gutters causing overflow or present fire hazards at worst.

A fruit-bearing tree on the other hand, while also creating a mess of debris around the tree, can attract animals, insects, and other unwanted pests. If too close to your home or business, these pests will likely find their way inside creating entirely new problems once indoors.

Think before you dig – Always, always, always, have your local utility company identify and mark the locations of all utility lines before digging. There will likely be gas, electric, water, and sewer lines running through your yard and digging before checking could result in serious injury or costly repairs.

Also, remember that a tree’s root system can grow to match the circumference of the tree’s canopy and potentially damage underground utilities. Your local utility company can help you determine your yards clearance requirements.

Tree Planting and Your Local Sonoma County Arborist

A tree, when planted and cared for properly can become a lifelong addition to your property. Likewise, if not done properly will increase the need for maintenance and other costly problems later on.

There is a lot to consider when you decide to plant a tree, and, when in doubt, reach out for the experience and know-how of a skilled professional. The certified arborists at Vintage Tree Care can assist you with all aspects of tree planting, call or contact us online today.

Plant with confidence and plan for lasting results.