Certified Arborist Fred Frey Talks with KCBS Radio about Tree Risk from Recent Storms

The Bay Area has been hit with one storm after another this winter. All that rainwater saturates the soil, putting your trees at risk. After such a long drought, your trees have been weakened by the lack of water. In addition, they are no longer accustomed to this amount of rainfall. Even a healthy tree is at risk in these conditions, and a moderate gust of wind could be the one that topples it.  

Vintage Tree Care owner and certified arborist Fred Frey spoke about storm tree risk with KCBS’s Mike DeWalt, reporting from San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, where a recent winter storm, which led to 700 reports of down trees and branches throughout the city, downed eight mature trees.

Predicting the possibility of damage from the storm that began on March 27, 2023, Brooke Bingaman, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service, told KCBS, “The soil is still very saturated from recent storms, which can increase the likelihood of felled trees. So even if areas don’t get super strong winds – even moderate winds could potentially take down some of these trees, because they’ve been weakened so much already.”  

Sonoma County Trusts the Certified Arborists at Vintage Tree Care


Falling trees and branches can cause serious, even fatal, injury to people and substantial damage to property, vehicles, and those of your close neighbors. A certified arborist can do a tree risk assessment to determine if your trees are in danger this storm season. Contact the experts at Vintage Tree Care, who are TRAQ (Tree Risk Assessment Qualification) certified arborists, with years of experience helping Sonoma County property owners keep their trees in good health.