What should have been a stressful time in our lives became a positive experience in our working relationship with Fred Frey of Vintage Tree Care Inc. We had a 60+ year old oak tree in our yard that got off to a great start this Spring, and then suddenly started to show signs of leaves turning brown, loss of foliage and dying off. We contacted Fred over the phone, who is an Oak Tree Specialist, as well as a Certified Arborist. He listened to our concerns, and made an appointment to come over for consultation on the tree. He was right on target with his findings. Fred is a great communicator, and encouraged dialogue with us to keep the budget and vision in line. Working with Fred was rewarding and his expertise was beneficial during the entire process from inspection to removal of the tree. He coordinated the job with his crew, who had the experience needed to navigate the process of removal, and not miss a beat to complete the job in such a timely manner. Our experience working with Fred and his crew has been nothing but positive, and a delight to see them work so efficiently and responsibly.

We entrusted the undertaking to Fred Frey and his professional team, and they completely exceeded our expectations! They have forever earned our gratitude and respect. It was an amazing experience and a complete pleasure working with Fred Frey of Vintage Tree Care Inc.