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WATCH: During this free webinar, Vintage Tree Care arborists, Fred and Kamala, provide the community with professional insight on how to properly care for trees during a drought. Including tips on how to identify signs of drought stress in trees, and how to keep trees healthy while also conserving water. 

5 Drought Tolerant (and Fire-resistant!) Trees Perfect for Wine Country Yards When planting trees during a drought, confining the selections to drought-tolerant trees can help conserve water. Better still, especially in Sonoma County, planting trees that are fire resistant will provide additional protection against the…

Without proper care, the effects of drought stress on trees can lower your property value, attract invasive pests, harbor diseases, and increase the risk of wildfires. Learn the signs of drought stress and what you can do to keep your trees healthy.

Now that California is years into its drought, you may have noticed your trees are a little under the weather. We usually think of trees as big, tough giants that outlast even our lifetimes. They’re there when we’re young and keep going when we’re gone….