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This article covers common signs that it’s time to schedule a tree risk assessment (TRA) to ensure the health and safety of your trees.

Without obvious signs of infestations, disease, or decay, a tree on your property may have less obvious signs of failure that only an expert can detect. To maintain the health and safety of the trees on your property, a routine tree risk assessment by a certified arborist is incredibly important.

Hear Vintage Tree Care owner and certified arborist Fred Frey’s tips, in a KRCB FM radio interview, on signs of tree failure during stormy weather.

Certified arborists are tree health experts who have extensive education and experience in how to properly care for a large variety of trees. They specialize in a variety of services to create personalized care plans to ensure the best possible growth and development of each tree, shrub, and woody plant on your property.

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Learn how to spot the early signs of tree failure to minimize danger on your property.

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