Fred Frey speaks about Fire Fuel and Vegetation Management at the Sonoma County Farm Bureau Fire Fuel Workshop

On May 21st at the Sonoma County Farm Bureau Fire Fuel Workshop Vintage Tree Care Owner, Fred Frey spoke about tree and vegetation management for Sonoma County home and property owners.

Fred explained the importance of proactive tree care plans for property safety and fuel reduction while maintaining the health and well being of trees around your property. Fred frequently presents and provides expert strategies for property management and minimizing the risk of impact by wildfire. 

Watch the Entire Fire Fuel Workshop Here:

Fred begins speaking about vegetation management to help keep your home and property safe at about minute 23.

Summary of Trees Safety and Associated Risk:

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  • All trees possess some level of risk
  • Different conditions contribute to risk in unique ways
  • Tree failure risk can be managed
  • Fire fuels can be managed
  • Gather qualified information to make educated decisions
  • Preparation starts today
  • We are here to help

Minimize Fire Risk by Working with the Professionals at Vintage Tree Care

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