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In this guide, we’ll walk you through ways to reduce fire fuels on your property to help keep your home and land safe from the destructive effects of wildfires.

5 Drought Tolerant (and Fire-resistant!) Trees Perfect for Wine Country Yards When planting trees during a drought, confining the selections to drought-tolerant trees can help conserve water. Better still, especially in Sonoma County, planting trees that are fire resistant will provide additional protection against the…

With this prolonged drought, the Sonoma County fire season now spans more than half of each year. There’s always something that can be done to keep the area around your home less vulnerable to wildfires. Careful and regular vegetation management will reduce the available fire fuels on your property and create a defensible space.

Certified arborists are tree health experts who have extensive education and experience in how to properly care for a large variety of trees. They specialize in a variety of services to create personalized care plans to ensure the best possible growth and development of each tree, shrub, and woody plant on your property.

Fred Frey, owner and certified arborist of Vintage Tree Care, was recently featured on Sonoma County’s Wine Country Radio’s The Krush 95.9 FM radio show: From Farm to Table.

How you can help safeguard your property from the rising threat of wildfires in Sonoma County by maintaining a Wildfire Defensible Space.

There is a wide array of trees you can plant in Sonoma County that are both fire-resistant and attractive. Read on to learn about four fire-resistant trees you can plant around your home or business to help maintain a wildfire defensible space on your property.

To ensure your safety and limit the spread of potential wildfire, it is important to know how to recognize and manage ladder fuels growing on your property.

How to Create a Wildfire Defensible Space Around Your Home and Property California residents are no strangers to the dangers of wildfires and the destruction they can cause to homes and communities. Maintaining a defensible space around your home and property is a fundamental step…

Ordinarily, you may think of tree pruning as commonplace maintenance intended to ensure the health and safety of your trees and property, and you’d be right. Regular pruning yields many benefits that can prolong the life of a tree by enabling strong tree structure and…