When your yard is well maintained it not only increases your curb appeal, but landscaping with trees and shrubs can also increase your property value. However, there are a few things to keep in mind before starting a new landscaping project. 

How to Landscape Using Tree and Shrubs to Beautify your Property

With just a little research and care you can ensure the health, beauty, and longevity of your landscape for years to come. Here are five tips on landscaping with trees that will increase the health, beauty, and even the value of your property.

1. Know What Trees Grow Best in Sonoma County

Before you get to planting, you will want to do a little research to determine the best types of trees to plant in your local area. Finding native species is usually the safest route, but there are many non-native trees and shrubs that can thrive and even benefit our environment. Drought and fire-resistant trees are extremely beneficial in wildfire-prone areas like Sonoma County.   

We are very lucky in Sonoma County to have a wide variety of trees that do very well in our area, including:

The Western Redbud

a Western Redbud tree with purple flowers in front of a home

The western redbud tree is a small deciduous tree native to California. Its beautiful purplish and pink flowers bloom every spring. The Western Redbud is also incredibly hardy, very drought-tolerant, and even fire-resistant. By full maturity, they require little water and can thrive in dry areas as long as the soil has good drainage.

Chinese Pistache Tree

Chinese Pistache Tree

Even though the Chinese Pistache tree is not native to Sonoma County, it is a favorable addition to many urban areas. Its lustrous dark green leaves turn a beautiful bright red and orange color in the wintertime. Come spring, they produce green flowers and small red fruits that ripen in the fall. The Chinese Pistache tree is drought-resistant and quickly grows in many different soil types.

2. Determine Where You Want to Plant Your Trees

Where you want to plant new trees or shrubs on your property can affect the types of species you can choose. Specific surroundings will only be able to accommodate certain types of shrubs and trees. 

Consider the size of the area, the surrounding structures, or permanent fixtures like sidewalks. You will always need to account for how big your trees will get when they reach full maturity, as well as how their roots will establish in the soil. Then think about the amount of sun exposure the area receives throughout the day, and the other vegetation growing nearby. Depending on the location you choose, you may discover that the space does not get enough sunlight, or the surrounding plants can negatively affect the health of your new trees. 

3. Plant with a Purpose 

To help narrow down what and where you plant, consider the why. Landscaping with trees allows you to transform a space. You can easily add privacy to areas with tall deciduous trees, create organic walkways with lush shrubs, add splashes of colors with flowering plants – the options are beautifully endless. 

Trees to add Shade

A tree adding shade in the middle of a beautiful garden

Landscaping with seasonal trees is a perfect way to add shade around your property in the warm months. The Crape Myrtle tree will provide shade seasonally with a wide canopy of pink flowers in the summer and colorful foliage in the fall. During the winter months, you will see beautiful exfoliating bark.

Fruiting Trees

a fruiting santa rosa plum tree with purple plums

Sonoma County is a perfect environment to plant many different types of fruit trees. The Santa Rosa Plum tree, and Meyer Lemon trees are just a couple of fruiting trees to consider adding to your landscape.

Privacy Shrubs

tall lush privacy shrubs around the perimeter of a backyard

The Grecian Laurel is a beautiful evergreen shrub that can grow up to 40 feet tall and provide both privacy and shade around your property year-round.

4. Consider Long-Term Care for the Trees

Remember, care does not stop after you plant your trees, it will continue throughout their lives. Regardless of what types of trees or shrubs you choose to landscape with, routine care and maintenance will be essential to maintaining their beauty and health.

Before starting a tree landscaping project make sure you are able to provide adequate water, trimming, pruning, and routine health inspections. Working with a certified arborist to plan a personalized tree care routine is essential to keeping your landscape beautiful, safe, and healthy.

Vintage Tree Care is Here to Help the Trees on Your Property Thrive


Adding trees to your property can serve many purposes. Whether you’re looking to boost your curb appeal, increase the property value, or add privacy around your home, working with a certified arborist can ensure your landscape remains beautiful, healthy, and safe for years to come. 

Our team of certified arborists at Vintage Tree Care has been provided professional and personalized tree services throughout Sonoma County for over 25 years. We are here to provide specialized care to all of our customers and want to help you beautify your property. We invite you to contact us by phone at (707) 495-4686 or online to learn more about our professional arborist services.